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terfamex 30 mg , terfamex phentermine

terfamex 30 mg , terfamex phentermine is a Mexican brand of phentermine weight loss  pills, sold mainly in Latin America. It is a brand of the popular appetite suppressant, phentermine hydrochloride (phentermine HCL). This medication helps overweight patients eat less and move more to lose weight faster, suppresses appetite and increases energy levels.


Who can take terfamex phentermine ?


This medicine is suitable for people with a body mass index greater than 30, considered obese in the medical field. In addition, it is also available for patients with a BMI greater than 27 if they also have a problem related to being overweight, such as type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure.

However, not only the patient’s level of obesity must be taken into account. You should also check why the patient is overweight, the patient’s current health status and medical history. Phentermine (Terfamex) should only be used to treat exogenous obesity. This is a type of adiposity caused by consuming more calories than are burned on a daily basis. If a person is overweight for another reason (eg, thyroid problems or other medical condition), phentermine is not the best option. Also, Terfamex (phentermine) should not be taken in the presence of some medical conditions or at the same time as certain medications


Dose of terfamex phentermine


Terfamex is currently available in two formats and three different doses. In the consultation, the doctor will determine which dose and format is appropriate in your case.


30 mg is the highest dose of Terfamex available in capsules.


Terfamex 30 mg should only be taken once a day, usually first thing in the morning. The pill should be swallowed whole and with water and usually on an empty stomach.


How to take Terfamex?


Since it is a prescription drug, your doctor and pharmacist should tell you how to take the medication.

Due to its addictive potential and progressive loss of efficacy, Terfamex should only be taken for 12 weeks at a time. The US FDA only approved phentermine for the short term as a result of the danger of taking the medication for a longer period of time

If both you and your doctor feel that you need a treatment of more than three months to achieve a healthy weight, the medical professional may decide to prescribe several rounds of phentermine with their respective breaks.

When to take terfamex 30 mg ?


Your doctor will tell you when and how to take the medication, but usually, it is usually taken:

  • First thing in the morning (before breakfast)
  • 1-2 hours after breakfast Due to the stimulating properties of phentermine HCL, avoid taking the medication at least 8 hours before bedtime. This should be easy if you only take one pill a day, but if you take two of 15 mg, be sure to take the second dose relatively early in the afternoon so you don’t have trouble sleeping at night.


Who makes terfamex 30 mg ?

Medix LaboratoriesTerfamex was developed by KVK-TECH, but currently, it is Medix SA who manufactures and distributes the product. They reached this agreement in 2017, in order to expand the KVK-TECH business in Central America.


These are two brands of phentermine available in Mexico. Both pills contain the same active ingredient and are available in several doses and formats. Both brands produce capsules, but the rest of the pills are different. Terfamex specializes in tablets that dissolve in the mouth, while  Acxion  produces normal tablets and extended-release tablets. The price of brands is similar for a 30-day recipe.

On the first appointment with the doctor, they can talk about the brand and the most appropriate format for you.

Phentermine helps patients lose weight because it suppresses appetite and increases energy levels. Orlistat, on the other hand, decreases the absorption of fat from your intestines [10]. It does not affect appetite or energy, therefore, eating adequate portions and staying active is in the hands of your willpower when taking Orlistat.


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