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buy adipex 15 mg online

buy adipex 15 mg online is an appetite suppressant that affects the central nervous system.

Dosing regimen

Adipex Retard capsules should be taken under the doctor’s supervision specializing in the obesity treatment. To increase the efficiency of anti-obesity therapy, Adipex Retard medication should be combined with psychotherapeutic methods of weight loss (increased motivation to consume healthy food, change in eating behavior).

The recommended frequency of using Adipex Retard capsules is 24 hours.
Adipex Retard capsules should be taken before breakfast washing out with water.
The minimal recommended daily dose is an Adipex Retard capsule.

The maximum recommended dose is two Adipex Retard capsules as a single dose.
The duration of using Adipex Retard capsules may vary from one to three months.
In regular use of Adipex Retard capsules within three months, repeated course of obesity drug therapy should be held no earlier than three months.

Before taking this medicine

You should not use Adipex-P if you are allergic to phentermine, or if you have:

  • a history of heart disease (coronary artery disease, heart rhythm problems, congestive heart failure, stroke);
  • severe or uncontrolled high blood pressure;
  • overactive thyroid;
  • glaucoma;
  • extreme agitation or nervousness;
  • a history of drug abuse; or
  • if you take other diet pills.
buy adipex 15 mg online
buy adipex 15 mg online

Dosage / Direction for Use

General Advice: It is recommended that treatment should be conducted under the care of physicians experienced in the treatment of obesity. Secondary organic causes of obesity must be excluded by diagnosis before prescribing this drug. The management of obesity should be undertaken using a global approach which should include dietary, medical and psychotherapeutic methods.
Evening dosing should be avoided, as this agent may induce nervousness and insomnia.
Dosage: As a rule, 1 capsule daily. In exceptional cases the dose may be increased to 2 capsules daily.
Duration of Treatment: The duration of treatment is 4–6 weeks and should not exceed three months. If further treatment is planned after that, the next treatment cycle should be preceded by a therapy-free interval lasting at least as long as the previous therapy.
Method of Administration: The capsules should be taken with breakfast unchewed and with plenty of liquid.


Symptoms of acute overdosageinclude nervous restlessness, motoric stereotypes, tremor, hyperreflexia, fever, tachypnea, vertigo, hallucinations, changes in blood pressure, arrhythmias, nausea, emesis, diarrhoea and even respiratory and circulatory collapse, convulsions, somnolence and coma.
Therapy: Apart from forced acidic diuresis, the treatment of overdosage is mainly symptomatic; sedation may be necessary. Chlorpromazine may antagonise the CNS stimulation.
Because of the risk of inducing convulsions, caution is required if gastric lavage is performed.


Phenothiazine and other psychotropic drugs such as chlorpromazine or haloperidol, as well as tri- or tetracyclic antidepressants, may reduce the effect of phentermine. The hypotensive effect of guanethidine and other antihypertensives may be antagonised by phentermine. Combined administration with monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs) may cause hypertensive crisis. The effect of phentermine may be potentiated by other CNS-stimulants as well as caffeine.
Concomitant use of inhalation anesthetics may lead to cardiac arrhythmias.

Mechanism of Action

Pharmacology: Adipex Retard contains phentermine, a centrally-stimulating substance that has also an anorectic effect. This effect is transient and decreases with the continued use of phentermine after a few weeks. Phentermine is bound to a non-absorbable ion-exchanger on a resinate basis and is slowly released in the intestines. The anorectic effect sets in after 1-3 hrs and lasts for at least 8 hours. Phentermine is barely metabolised and does not form any active metabolites. About 60% of the ingested phentermine dose are excreted unchanged on the 1st day.

buy adipex 15 mg online

Five percent (5%) of the administered dose are metabolised by N-oxidation, with primarily N-hydroxyphentermine and to a lesser degree, the nitro metabolite being formed which, after passing the enterohepatic blood flow, are mainly excreted by the kidneys. Plasma half-life is 20 to 25 hrs. Adipex Retard has been shown to inhibit excessive appetite. It represses the sensation of hunger, thus, making it easier to follow dietary restrictions and achieve a decrease in weight.

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